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stone work

Stone Work

All around Stonington proper and the adjacent islands, massive piles of granite blocks are a testament to an industry historically tied to the building of the United States. While Stonington is literally built on stacked and layered granite blocks, Deer Isle is more emblematic of the traditional fieldstone used to mark property boundaries and livestock enclosures.

Most properties present opportunities for the use of stone, and in many cases a supply of stones can be found on site. Using native materials is a high priority in our approach to creating successful landscape installations. Our crew has built thousands of feet of traditional dry-laid stone walls over the years, as well as stacked steps and paving stones.

roads and paths

Roads & Paths

There may or may not be options to choose from when planning access to your property. The straight course and wide access usually necessary for access by building construction vehicles and equipment may often leave a much wider path than desired. Proper care in road planning and construction prior to building can save many dollars as well as save the physical elements you may wish to retain.

fences, gates, and arbors

Fences, Gates & Arbors

All garden structures we design can be custom-built in our workshop. Our structures are designed to complement your home's architecture, period of construction, and the design of your gardens. The structures we craft are built using West System epoxy, which provides superior strength and moisture resistance for long life and easy maintenance.

brooks and ponds

Brooks & Ponds

Water found in any landscape can be an opportunity to create natural elements that encourage wildlife, brings the element of sound into the garden, and provides places of quiet reflection or wading.

That drainage ditch left by the foundation construction crew could become the center of a quiet Japanese style moss garden.

gardens and orchards

Gardens & Orchards

A wise gardener ignores any temptation to rush into premature planting and will instead put their effort into thorough ground and soil preparation. Rarely is there another opportunity to improve the soil as efficiently as when it is completely bare. Properly prepared planting beds and organic amendments are a rule for us.

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